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Windows 10 Creators Update notes

Today I installed Windows 10 Creators Update on my laptop (ASUS ROG). It wasn’t as straightforward as I would have liked… I decided to keep notes, in case the same thing happens on any other computers or at the next Windows… Read More

Play Lode Runner online


I remember playing this on the Atari as a child...

The WordPress Template Hierarchy


Can we have some pizza?

Downloading old websites from Archive.org


Usage is very simple: # Install sudo gem install wayback_machine_downloader # Download latest archiv… Read More


The IKEA effect


"The act of creating a thing with ones own hands increases the perceived value to the creator." "To… Read More

Writing a peer review scheduler in Prolog

Continuing my exploration of Prolog, I decided to write a program to generate a schedule for peer reviews. Read More

Getting started with SWI-Prolog

Today I decided to learn a bit about Prolog. Here is how to start using it… Read More

Docker Reference

This week I have been learning about Docker… Here is what I’ve learned so far. Read More

Hot air balloon over work

Firebase Costs Increased by 7,000%


Some interesting comments about lack of support from Google. Seems to be a recurring theme in Google… Read More

Luna & Bailey

My sister’s dogs

WordPress Themes by Anders Norén


I really like Baskerville (which I'm currently using for this blog) and Lingonberry. Read More

First blog post

This is the first blog post I’ve written in several years (except at work). I’ve just decided to start blogging again, and I thought I’d start with why… Read More

Laravel Blade @ifSection() tag

This adds an @ifSection() Blade tag to Laravel that can be used to determine whether a particular @section() is defined. Read More

Create a new file with Ctrl+Alt+N keyboard shortcut in Windows Explorer with AutoHotKey

This is part of my AutoHotkey script. When you are in Windows Explorer it allows you to press Ctrl+Alt+N and type a filename, and that file is created in the current directory and opened in the appropriate editor (usually gVim in my case, but it will… Read More

Create a new file from a template, prompting the user for the filename, in Windows with AutoHotKey

This is an AutoHotKey script that prompts the user for a filename, creates that file (by copying a template), then launches that file. The way I use this is I have a folder full of Word documents, with a script right… Read More

Bash General-Purpose Yes/No Prompt Function (“ask”)

This is a general-purpose function to ask Yes/No questions in Bash, either with or without a default answer. It keeps repeating the question until it gets a valid answer. Read More

Prevent WordPress sending any emails

I did this simple hack on a private WordPress Multisite blog, to stop it sending me emails every time I created a new blog. It’s definitely overkill to stop all emails, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any hooks that let… Read More

Use sudo to re-launch a Python script as root

This is how I ensure a Python script is launched as root, and automatically call sudo to re-launch it as root if not. I found it useful to check the parameters are valid before re-launching as root, so I dont have to enter the sudo password… Read More

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