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Full-Stack Web Developer

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I've been building websites since I was 12, and doing it professionally since 2006. I joined Alberon in 2008, becoming Senior Developer in 2011. I have a BSc in Computer Science from The University of Warwick.

I specialise in building websites with WordPress and applications with Laravel, but I work with many other technologies as well. I also manage the web servers and lead the development team.

I spend most of my spare time learning new technologies and working on my websites & projects. I also enjoy long walks and taking photos.

Top Projects & Posts

Laravel Breadcrumbs 1.4M downloads, 1,500 stars, 240 forks

Open source package to add breadcrumbs to your Laravel application. Includes templates for Bootstrap, Bulma, Foundation and Materialize, or create your own.

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Laravel Container in Depth 220 stars, 50 forks

Laravel has a powerful Inversion of Control (IoC) / Dependency Injection (DI) Container. Unfortunately the official documentation doesn't cover all of the available functionality, so I decided to experiment with it and document it.

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Bash Yes/No Prompt Function ("ask") 175 stars, 40 forks

A general-purpose function to ask Yes/No questions in Bash, either with or without a default answer. It keeps repeating the question until it gets a valid answer.

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Work & Education

Senior Developer
  • Helped expand from 3 to 12 developers & set up new IT Operations team.
  • Responsible for developer training & IT security.
  • Manage internal & production Linux & Windows servers.
  • Provide developer support & 3rd line technical support.
Web Developer
  • Built & maintained websites and web-based applications.
  • Managed internal & production Linux servers.
  • Major projects included The Prince's Rainforests Project and Stowe School.
Web Developer
  • Built & maintained websites for online marketing clients (PHP, MySQL).
  • Designed & built a bespoke CMS and business collaboration software.
  • Maintained bespoke analytics software (Ruby, PostgreSQL).
  • Managed internal & production Linux servers.
  • BSc Computer Science (first-class honours).
  • Modules included: Functional Programming (98%), Discrete Maths (97%), Logic (92%), Automata & Formal Languages, Human Computer Interaction, Database Systems, Compiler Design, Neural Computing.
Secondary School
  • A Computing
  • A Mathematics
  • A Physics
  • A Economics
  • A* Mathematics
  • A English Literature, Graphic Design, Business Studies, German
  • B English, Science (Double Award), ICT, Religious Studies

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