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Content SEO – Optimising your web content


When it comes to SEO, content is king. It’s the thing search engines care about most, and a signific…

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Planning your SEO campaign


The first step in any SEO strategy is to do some research to work out what key phrases you need to p…

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PHP CLI script that can also be run in a web browser

I had a command line (CLI) script written in PHP that I wanted to be able to run via the web, to save having to open a terminal and SSH connection each time. Read More

Amsterdam / Toto

Laravel Blade @ifSection() tag

This adds an @ifSection() Blade tag to Laravel that can be used to determine whether a particular @section() is defined. Read More

Squirrel eating a sausage it stole

Creating an SEO strategy


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is work done to improve the position of a website in search engines…

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Helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Secure Password Generator


Chrome Extensions

These are Chrome browser extensions I use and recommend… Read More

An introduction to agile software development


Agile is a way of managing software development projects that emphasises regular communication and c…

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Linux Toolkit


Some useful scripts for maintaining Linux servers.



Excellent outliner / list manager.

Online MP3 Cutter


Cut MP3 files for use as ringtones.

WordPress Plugins

These are WordPress plugins I use and recommend… Read More

Windows Software

These are some Windows programs I recommend… Read More



Awe is a tool I wrote to use at Alberon to handling the compilation of assets. It makes it easy to c…

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New VAT rules for websites


From 1 January 2015, businesses selling digital services to private consumers (B2C) in the EU must p…

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CryptoPHP backdoor in pirated CMS themes & plugins


A backdoor that has been dubbed “CryptoPHP” was found hidden in pirated (“nulled”) themes and plugin…

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WorkFlowy – Fade out completed items


Fades out completed items in WorkFlowy, until you hover over it or focus them, to make it easier to…

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Find MySQL users with no privileges

This finds MySQL users with no global or database privileges. Read More

Find MySQL users with access to databases that don’t exist (have been deleted)

Useful for finding users who had permission to access databases that have since been deleted… Read More

Cyprus 2014

Level 42

New Theatre, Oxford

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