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Sarah & Gareth’s Engagement Party

Mad Hatter’s tea party

Bailey chasing bubbles

Cookie & Caramel in the garden

Oxford Bus Company Wi-Fi Captive Portal Automatic Login


Automatically log into the Wi-Fi network on Oxford Bus Company buses.

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HipChat (Y) and (N) shortcuts for thumbs up/down using AutoHotKey

HipChat uses “(thumbsup)” and “(thumbsdown)” instead of the easier to type “(Y)” and “(N)” of MSN Messenger, so I remapped them using AutoHotKey. Read More

Find newly created/modified files in Linux

Find files created today or recently modified... Read More

Display a list of a user’s Gists in WordPress

This code creates a shortcode, [gists], which displays a list of all Gists by a user, grouped into categories then listed alphabetically. Read More

Replace URLs in the WordPress database when moving between servers

Run this to replace URLs in the database when moving a WordPress blog from one URL to another. Read More

Sammy & Martin’s Wedding

FedEx – Fire “Ask Anna”


Get rid of the “Ask Anna” box that appears in the corner of the FedEx website. I wrote this for my f…

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Plwmp & New Quay, Wales

WorkFlowy Title tweak


Remove ” – WorkFlowy” from the end of the tab title on WorkFlowy.

WorkFlowy – Starred pages as a list


Changes the WorkFlowy starred pages popup so it looks like a regular list, instead of trying to mimi…

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WorkFlowy – Move starred pages list to the top


Moves the WorkFlowy starred pages list to the top of the screen, reducing the distance the mouse has…

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WorkFlowy – Fade out notes


Fades out the notes field in WorkFlowy until you hover over it or focus it, to make it easier to see…

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My Recommended PuTTY Settings

I use PuTTY all the time to connect from Windows to my Linux servers via SSH. These are the settings I use (that differ from the defaults). Read More

Yo License.txt


Generates a LICENSE.txt file – choose from 15 licenses.

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.uk Domains


In June 2014, Nominet will open up registration of domains directly under “.uk”, removing the need f…

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Keeping your passwords secure


Very bad things can happen if your password is discovered by a hacker, so it’s vital to keep your pa…

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Cookie & Caramel



Sarah’s 10km run

In aid of Crohn’s disease.


Becks Miller: 16 July 1999 – 6 August 2013

Check MX Records


Checks the MX record settings for each domain on a cPanel server match those in an external DNS serv…

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