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Laravel Boris


Adds an artisan boris command to Laravel 4.0 that runs the Boris REPL in the Laravel environment.

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Laravel Breadcrumbs


A simple Laravel-style way to create breadcrumbs.

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Laravel Aliases


Adds an artisan aliases command to Laravel that lists registered aliases and the classes they map to…

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Installing PHP 5.4 on Debian 6 (Squeeze)

Debian 7 (Wheezy) is due to come out soon, but I didn’t want to wait to upgrade to PHP 5.4, nor to install the release candidate. I tried using the Wheezy repository, but got dependency errors. Fortunately Dotdeb provides packages for… Read More

List the number of open HTTP connections per IP in Linux

This was useful when fighting a DDoS attack on one of our web servers. Read More

Installing Dnsmasq for wildcard local domains on Debian

I use this to point all subdomains of a domain to my local development server. Read More

Automatic updates for Debian

Originally I was using apticron to email me whenever new security updates were available and then manually applying them, but with 3 Debian servers and frequent updates this was getting annoying. So I decided to automate it. Read More

Automatic upgrades for phpMyAdmin

In order to ensure phpMyAdmin is kept up to date without having to manually upgrade it, I decided to find a way to script it. I found the instructions here, but here’s a more detailed version. Read More

Synergy hotkey to toggle screens

Synergy is a cross-platform program that lets you share a keyboard & mouse between multiple computers over a network. (I use it for controlling my MacBook using my PC keyboard and mouse.) Synergy supports hotkeys, but there is no way to… Read More

Installing PHP 5.2 FastCGI on a cPanel server (alongside PHP 5.3+)

This is based on my instructions for Debian and a bit from this forum post. It requires root access and you must be comfortable using the command line. Read More

Script to download MySQL database & files from live to development server

This is a script I use on a lot of sites to copy the database (MySQL) and any uploaded files to the development site, and modify the database as required. Read More

New Year

Upgrade phpMyAdmin via the command line

This script makes it easy to upgrade phpMyAdmin on one or multiple servers at the same time. Read More

Christmas 2012

Bulk (batch) rename files in Linux

rename -v s/OLD/NEW/ FILENAMES Read More

Write to standard output/error streams in PHP CLI

How to write to STDOUT and STDERR in PHP. Read More

Recursively copy a directory, including symlink support, in PHP

function copy_dir($src, $dst) Read More

Recursively delete a directory, including symlink support, in PHP

function delete_dir($dir) Read More

Split WordPress theme functions.php into multiple files and autoload them

I use this to split my theme’s functions.php into multiple smaller files on particularly complex sites, and to autoload those files (instead of having to manually require each one). Read More

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?


A CMS is a system that allows you, as a non-technical user, to easily manage the content of your web…

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Extract images from a .ico file (e.g. favicon.ico) on Linux

icotool -x -o . favicon.ico Read More

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